BAB Live Events are one of the multiple ways we engage in person with corporations, and communities in our quest for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Check back frequently for new events in your city. Thank you for stopping by.

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The fastest growing and highest in-demand event in Diversity & Inclusion; the P.B.S Framework™ is a unique combination of workshop, up to date education, and consulting custom-packaged into a day-long session. P.B.S Framework™ offers learning exercises, in-depth discussions, consulting, and tailored strategies.

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women’s equity conference 2019

The BAB Women’s Equity Conference is a conference that we felt filled a void where we saw many gaps in discussions around women, men, and inequalities socially, and in the workforce. The 2-day conference is designed to help individuals, brands, and corporations revise their approach to women’s issues for the future.


young visionaries seminars

Our Young Visionaries Seminars are membership seminar programs for a diverse collective of young leaders looking to shape, create, and or develop their futures in fields that have not traditionally had positions for them. Members include young leaders interested in government, entrepreneurship, the arts, science, finance, technology, and healthcare.