Bubbles and Bridges
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Our Core Principles serve to harbor a shared understanding of what we value, helping us maintain collaborative, inclusive, solution-driven partnerships.


Recognize your bubble

Before discussing DEI, we believe it is important to recognize that whether you realize it or not, you are living in some form of a social bubble, possibly you operate in several different ones. Adopt the mindset to discover how your bubble makes an impact on your life.


Know your intent

When discussing sensitive issues that have traditionally been challenging to open up about in a corporate, social, or even personal environment, establish your intent. Knowing your intent helps keep you on track when emotions become heightened.


Set your mindset

Mindset impacts how we process, address anything. Given the same data, a mindset is what differentiates one's take on any matter, and this impacts DEI substantially.


Be vulnerable

There is great strength in showing vulnerability. When we open up to that which we presume weak, insecure, unsure about we find possibilities for growth on the other side.


Be patient

We believe that DEI is an ongoing and continuous effort that requires patience in varying degrees dependent on the corporation, institution, or individual. Patience helps set and meet attainable goals.



No matter the accolades, experience, or knowledge, continuous education proves to be the most effective tool when working in DEI. Asking questions and listening to understand is paramount.