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We create customized solutions and events in DEI Education, DEI Evaluation, and DEI Strategy. Our Pop Build Share (P.B.S™) mantra is a tiered method designed to create simplified solutions for complex DEI related issues. The areas in DEI we cover are universally standard, yet our approach is not conventional. Our end goal is to achieve outcomes with a powerful impact. Whether we are working with top executives at a Fortune 500 company, entrepreneurs, academic institutions, or engineers in Silicon Valley, our Pop Build Share (P.B.S) model remains as the foundation.


The P.B.S model is built upon our core principles, which encourage first recognizing the social bubble(s) you exist in before imposing (intended or unintended) inherent biases upon an individual or situation. The same model recognizes that after recognizing the bubble, one must then seek to create and consume ways to build bridges of understanding. Lastly, the P.B.S model teaches that once you acknowledge that bubble and build a bridge(s) of understanding, it is essential to share ideas, stories belief systems that change institutionalized, dated narratives.



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