Bubbles and Bridges
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Who We Are

Bubbles and Bridges is a modern full-service Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consulting agency. We believe that Diversity cultivates an environment with individuals from holistically diverse backgrounds, equity considers that a one-dimensional approach is not sustainable in the quest for equality, and Inclusion ensures that those individuals feel respected, and valued within that environment.


Our Founder

"I grew up in pre and post-apartheid in South Africa, went to high school in a small town in Kansas and spent most of my 20s in New York City. Living in these vastly different social bubbles taught me the value of cultivating relationships with people who do not share my belief systems or look like me. The most effective way to create diversity is to get outside of your social bubble as often as possible. "

— Nyasha Zimucha, Founder, CEO


For the last decade, Nyasha has continuously used her voice and public platforms in business, entertainment, and philanthropy to inspire, educate, and innovate in the space of Diversity Equity and Inclusion. The once youth ambassador in America for the entire continent of Africa as Miss Africa USA drew on her multifaceted life experiences to create Bubbles and Bridges. At the helm, her work in international business proves incomparable, valuable, and uniquely insightful.

She was featured in Forbes for her innovation in the international beauty business as the first and youngest woman to not only partner with Africa's 2nd largest retail conglomerate, The Foschini Group but also the socially conscious, inclusive business model she created in the retail space.

Nyasha is a cum laude graduate of Harvard University, with a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Ethics, she also completed the Personal Leadership program at Columbia Business School of Executive Education.