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Who We Are

Bubbles and Bridges is a modern full-service Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consulting agency. We believe that Diversity cultivates an environment with individuals or perspectives from holistically diverse backgrounds; Equity considers that context matters in the quest for equality, and Inclusion ensures that those individuals or perspectives are respected, and valued within that environment.

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What We Do

Bubbles and Bridges is a proven leader in the Diversity Equity and Inclusion space. We are guided by our passion for creating a workforce that allows for better dialogue and solutions around issues that have historically been challenging to address. Behind our programs and consulting services are years of research, development, and attention to past, present, and future culture.


Diversity By The Numbers

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43% of companies diversity.png
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BAB Principles™

Our Core Principles serve to harbor a shared understanding of what we value, helping us maintain collaborative, inclusive, solution-driven partnerships.



What Nyasha and her team are doing is game changing. Corporate America needs this unique and effective approach to diversity and inclusion.

- Daniel Mc Graw, Executive Vice President of Sales, Medisolv




The P.B.S Framework has not only improved my perspective on inclusion and diversity, but proved highly resourceful for my team and I. We got 2 years worth of consulting and strategy in one day.

- Jennifer Traficante, Assistant Director of Sales, Berkely Group



While we love digital media, what we love even more is a human connection; that is where the real change, growth, and impact happens - in person. Our live events are modern solution-oriented events designed to provide fresh perspectives, new skills, and challenge dated norms in the Diversity Equity and Inclusion space.


Our most sought-after program takes a deeper look into DEI. This cost-effective program offers high returns, and gains on how to scale your DEI model.


Join us for a one of a kind; once-in-a-lifetime DEI retreats with curated leaders of our community from around the globe.


We created a series of seminars to give hands-on training on a specific DEI topic, commonly utilized by ERG’s.